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Women’s studies and gender studies are areas of scholarly activity still relatively neglected in Wales. The aim of the Centre for Gender Studies in Wales is to provide a focus within the University for cross-Faculty, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in gender studies generally, and in relation to Welsh history, culture and society in particular.

By bringing together researchers who work on all aspects of gender, the Centre aims to strengthen existing research clusters in the manner recommended by the research councils and the REF. It also aims to build on current collaborative activity between the Centre staff and colleagues in other institutions and organisations, through developing joint research and publishing projects on gender studies in Wales, and through organising joint conferences, seminars and symposia.

In sum, the Centre provides greater scope for interdisciplinary, collaborative and comparative approaches to gender studies within and outside the University, and within and beyond Wales.

Harvest Home by Hilda Vaughan, edited by Diana Wallace (Honno, 2019) A gripping Gothic tale of possession, madness and murder, Hilda Vaughan’s Harvest Home (1936), is a historical novel set in Abercoran on the south-west coast of Wales during the reign of  George III.

Ruth Gaffney-Rhys (2019) Female Genital Mutilation: the law in England and Wales viewed from a human rights perspective. International Journal of Human Rights (available online)

Rachel Lock-Lewis, ‘Invention and Paradox, Myth and Reality: Images of Women in Wales’, Vis-a-Vis: Contemporary Welsh artists respond to images of women from the University of South Wales Museum Collection (University of South Wales, 2018)

In Her Own Words: Women Talking Poetry and Wales, ed., Alice Entwistle (Seren, 2014) A collection of interviews with fourteen women poets from Wales, including Tiffany Atkinson, Ruth Bidgood, Menna Elfyn, former National Poet of Wales Gwyneth Lewis, Sheenagh Pugh, Anne Stevenson, and Zoe Skoulding.