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British teenagers marry ISIS members in Syria: what is the status of their marriages?

July 7, 2015

On Saturday 4th July it was revealed that two of the three teenage girls who had travelled from London to Syria earlier this year to join ISIS, were now married. The girls are now living with their husbands and as a result, hope that they will return to the UK has diminished. But if they do so, will their marriages be recognised by the law in England and Wales, asks Dr Ruth Gaffney-Rhys?

Parental leave changes could improve the position for working women

March 5, 2015

Changes to parental leave in April will allow fathers to take year off work, but what does this mean for working women asks family law specialist Dr Ruth Gaffney-Rhys.

Fellowship Success

November 15, 2011

Co-director of the Centre for Gender Studies, Dr Timothy Jones, has been awarded a three year, c. £240,000, Discovery Early Career Award fellowship from the Australian Research Council.

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