British teenagers marry ISIS members in Syria: what is the status of their marriages?

On Saturday 4th July it was revealed that two of the three teenage girls who had travelled from London to Syria earlier this year to join ISIS, were now married. The girls are now living with their husbands and as a result, hope that they will return to the UK has diminished. But if they do so, will their marriages be recognised by the law in England and Wales, asks Dr Ruth Gaffney-Rhys?

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Parental leave changes

Changes to parental leave will allow fathers to take year off work, but what does this mean for working women asks family law specialist Dr Ruth Gaffney-Rhys. Read the feature.

Fourth wave feminism

Professor Diana Wallace believes we’re seeing the beginnings of a new wave of feminism – what’s being called the ‘Fourth Wave’. This new wave is most visible as web-based popular protest against the ways in which women are defined and controlled. Read the feature…

Forced marriage deserves attention

Dr Ruth Gaffney-Rhys’ research paper examines the newly enacted Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, which received much media attention due to the concerns expressed by religious groups that they would be forced to allow same sex couples to marry in their church or religious building. Read the feature

Forced marriage involves women and children

In 2013, the Forced Marriage Unit, which is run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Home Office, provided advice and assistance in 1302 cases, 82% of which concerned females and 40% of which involved children. Read the feature