About Us

The Centre for Gender Studies in Wales provides a focus within the University for cross-Faculty, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in gender and sexuality studies generally, and in relation to Welsh history, culture and society in particular.

Because of its existing expertise, the University is particularly well positioned to function as a centre of research excellence in this field. The development of the Centre is a logical and organic extension of work historically done in both the Faculty of Business and Society and the Faculty of Creative Industries, and one to which members have a long-term commitment. The Centre complements work at existing research centres of the University, in particular the Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations. Its members, who have a number of initial research projects in view, are based in the various faculties of the University, including the Law School, the Faculty of Creative Industries, the Faculty of Life Sciences and Education and the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.


Centre members encourage and support one another’s research through an established seminar series, through public lectures and an annual event on International Women’s day, and through regular group meetings.

We are working jointly on developing bids for funding for postdoctoral research fellows, PhD studentships, and administrative assistance to work on the Centre’s key research projects. In these ways the Centre aims to strengthen existing research clusters in the manner recommended by the research councils and the REF. It also aims to build on current collaborative activity between the Centre staff and colleagues in other institutions, through developing joint research and publishing projects on gender studies in Wales, and through organising joint conferences, seminars and symposia. In sum, the Centre provides greater scope for interdisciplinary, collaborative and comparative approaches to gender studies within and outside the University, and within and beyond Wales.